Around the World in One Unforgettable Talk by Roie Galitz

In his inspirational talks, Roie Galitz, one of the world’s top wildlife photographers, shares his personal experiences from intimate encounters with rare animals around the globe. With great visuals and sense of humor, Roie reveals the secrets behind the camera and provides his listeners relevant and practical tools. Roie has lectured  
in professional events and conferences across the globe, and got a great responses. The talks are costumed for every organization, event and purpose.For further details please contact Noa -
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Roie as a host and moderator of Israel's Public Speaking Convention: 
I was extremely impressed by Roie as the convention's host. He was well-spoken, warm and highly connected to his audience. Roie created a pleasant atmosphere and it was easy to see that .he was comfortable on stage and feeling the room
Abigail Tenembaum
Communications and Leadership Consultant
TED Global Speaker Trainer
Roie was well prepared to his talk about the secrets behind nature photography, and the audience could feel it. He looked closely at us and understood our environment, then he skillfully aimed his words to his listeners. Roie's ability to combine on-point, interesting, intriguing and even breathtaking words with winning frames, is inspiring and reviling a whole new world. His emotional connection, reactiveness, way of thinking and experience makes every moment of his lecture an unusual experience, leaving us asking for more
Ruthie Moses
Tel-Hai Photography Museum
Roie gave a talk in our medical conference for the second time. It was fascinating, enriched with unique interesting colors. Our jaws dropped to the sight of his incredible nature photographs and even more so when we heard the stories behind it! Roie is a wonderful man, and so does his talks. The doctors had a great time, and my phone kept ringing with praising calls all weekend
Yona Reuven
Production Manager
Medical Media

About Roie Galitz

Roie’s greatest life passions, nature and photography, takes him into the wild over and over again. The photographs taken on his journeys have won international photography awards and continue to touch his followers all over the world. Between his expeditions, Roie has also founded TalkMaster - School of public master, Galitz Photography School - one of the globally largest photography schools, Phototeva - one of the world’s top 10 photography expeditions companies, and the Israeli Photography Convention - the biggest photography conference in the world, according to The Guinness World Records. He often talks on different media channels, fundamentally to raise awareness on the world’s most pressing environmental issues. Roie is an  official ambassador of Nikon, DJI and Greenpeace 
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