HALL OF FAME - Paintings 

 This paintings were created inspired by great people. Celebrities that made a significant change in our world. The paintings are originally Acrylic on Canvas. Purchase : original (if available) or prints in 3 different sizes. For details: florentinartists@gmail.com. Please visit my art site: www.rosenmanart.com
ציורי "היכל התהילה"

אמנים ואנשי שם ששינו דבר מהותי בעולמנו. הציורים נעשו בהשראת המוסיקה והסרטים שלהם. מקור: אקריליק על קנואס. ניתן להשיג ציורי מקור שטרם נמכרו והדפסים על קנואס  ע"פ דרישה. נא לפנות ל: florentinartists@gmail.com

אתר האמנות של ליאורה רוזנמן : www.rosenmanart.com

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לאונרד כהן

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen- The greatest lover, Master of poetry. When he whispers at night his reflections about woman or love he seems like speaking directly  to me. This painting was painted to cherish his memory

For details and print orders please contact: florentinartists@gmail.com

דיוויד בואי

David Bowie

David Bowie was grater than his songs, his fashion, films, performance or philosophy, gender novelties or inovelties. He was made of stars quality.

For details and print orders please contact: florentinartists@gmail.com



Young David Bowie

Meir Banai

Meir Banai

 Important Israeli musician and singer.Died recently at 55.
. His songs  became worldly famous. His special way of
performance and the unic combination of  traditional Jewish texts and prayers with his
philosopjhy of life, touched the heart of many. Some of his songs  are based on traditional tunes with  modern interpretation, both personal but also universal and spiritual 
-Being part of the famous Banai family did not alter his personality modest and honest to his own
For details and print orders please contact: florentinartists@gmail.com 
איימי ווינהאוס

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was amazing  English singer and songwriter. She was known for her deep expressive contralto  vocals and her eclectic mix of music including soul,rythm and blues,as well as jazz.   Unbelievably gone at age of 27

For details and print orders please contact: florentinartists@gmail.com


מרלין מונרו

Marilyn Monroe

The mortal goddess: sex symbol and top actress until sudden death at 1962. Inspired generationas of singers (as Elton John and Maddona) and actresses Married and divorced  to the famous Joe DiMaggio and  Arthur Miller . She died at the age of 36 probable suicide,although several conspiracy theories  have been proposed in the decades following her death.

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 Prince showed remarkable stylistic growth and musical diversity,  experimenting with styles. Even tough being so diverse he has incredible success.

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אריק איינשטיין

Arik Einstein

The most popular  Israeli singer, songwriter, actor, and screenwriter.  He was a pioneer of Israeli rock music. "the voice of Israel."

For details and print orders please contact: florentinartists@gmail.com


ג'ון לנון

John Lennon

 John Lennon was the head and the heart of The Beatles. With any doubt his music,his lyrics, and his struggle for peace on earth have changed the world.

For details and print orders please contact: florentinartists@gmail.com
Elvis Presly

Elvis Presly

Elvis was definitely "the king" of Rock and roll.  He created a star quality. A great performer and singer of the love songs of the century. A heart braker who died too
  young at the age of 42
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Israeli Great leaders

Shimon Peres

The legendary president and –ex-prime-minister of Israel. Prize Nobel winner died recently surrounded with incredible love and admiration of all the people of Israel and the world leadership who attended his funeral. Eternal dreamer and optimistic .Gave hope to millions.

For details and print orders please contact: florentinartists@gmail.com


שמעון פרס

Ben Gurion

The first and most important ever prime minister of Israel-just being born.

Founder of the new state .Was privileged with  a great knowledge of literature,philosophy and theology that knew how to connect between the dreams of the people and the political power of nations.

For details and print orders please contact: florentinartists@gmail.com

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על האמנית - ליאורה רוזנמן

ליאורה רוזנמן, סופרת, אמנית ויוצרת . בעלת תואר בספרות ובסוציולוגיה, ולימודי תואר במנהל עסקים ואמנות. חברה באגודת האמנים הישראלית והאירופית .

ליאורה מציגה ואוצרת תערוכות בארץ ובחו"ל. ספרה הראשון "הסוד של מנזר ז'ואר" יצא לאור בהוצאת 'רימונים' לפני מספר שנים, תורגם לאנגלית וכעת הוא נמכר בהצלחה באמזון. כמו כן יצאו לאור ספריה "דיוקן עצמי"  ו"מעגל הקריסטל" בעברית ובאנגלית.בימים אלה מתורגם לאנגלית ספרה "מעגל הברקת" שייצא בקרוב לחנויות.

תושבת שוהם ומלמדת וחונכת אמנים בתחילת דרכם במקביל לכתיבת ספרים וסיפורים .

בשבע השנים האחרונות מתנדבת במרכז השיקום בבית החולים שיבא-תל השומר. הקימה סדנת אמנות למאושפזים בשיקום- המסייעת להם למצוא טעם חדש בחיים .

תחומים נוספים בתחום פעילותה: משחק בתיאטרון חובבים, יצירת סרטי וידאו ארט, שירה: כתיבה וביצוע, וניהול  מועדון תרבות .


Liora Rosenman- Art and books

I am an author but also an artist and a multidisciplinary creator , who lives in a picturesque little town. I believe that expressing my personal vibrant point of view about life and the world,is best when it comes out in novels, books, paintings ,music and videoart. Some of those fantastic fields became my profesion as well as my passion:


Published books: "The Lost Bible" –a suspense paranormal novel that has been downloaded from Amazon over 20 thousand copies, and purchased by more than 3500. Several times got enlisted in the top of its category in the world! Also published a coloring book of drawings narrating the "lost bible". "Self portrait"- FREE novel in Amazon relating a story of a mystery about disappearance of a young beautiful artist. "The Bible in Colors"-A coloring book for adults with 30 beautiful fully detailed drawings regarding the Bible stories including bible phrases. This book comes in regular or in pocket size.

Now in Amazon: "The Crystal Circle"- a mystery and suspense women adventure.coming soon: "The Emerald circle".


Born in Israel and lived in Colombia, South America in her youth. The time she spent in South America is reflected in her art works in color, music and  harmony.

Liora studied art at the Avni-Art-Institute in Jaffa, as well as at the art school in Bat-Yam, Israel.  She is a member of the Concilio Europeo dell'Arte and Israeli Artists Association. Her paintings are currently exhibited in Israel, Canada, South America ,Spain and U.S.A. Her artwork is part of  art collections (private and corporate) all over the world: Israel, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Panama, Colombia, Chech republic, Hungary and the USA.

Publications: Cover photo EPI 2013,press NY2013. tv –Costa Rica, Mexico, Israel. Radio and local press in Israel and spain.

At 2003 she won an award in the Biennale of Florence in mixed media art category. At 2013 she was honored by the Diploma of excellence ,i-bienniale of contemporary art.

Among her clients banks in Israel, The Foreign affairs chamber of Israel, companies and private around the world. Her artwork consists mostly paintings but also three-dimensional works..


 When I am not  painting or writing I like to travel around the world with my husband lior and my three children. always in search for new interesting subjects to write about.

In the last 8 years I have been volunteering in a rehabilitation center at the biggest hospital in Israel. Creating a painting workshop for intern patients –helping them find the essence of life.  Discovered lately the theatre, I have become an amateur actress. Also singing and taking part of the cultural leadership of my hometown.