May 2019--- STUDIO 8 Is happy to present Gyrotonic aplication for DANCERS----
Studio 8 Tel Aviv
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GYROTONIC® Applications for Dance with Adrianna Thompson

This is a 3-Day workshop for all Certified Level I Gyrotonic Instructors with Authorized Master Trainer Adrianna Thompson
GYROTONIC® Application for Dancers combines the kinetic fundamentals of classical and contemporary dance with the GYROTONIC® System. This course enables the student or professional dancer to understand and develop dance technique from the inside. This holistic approach to movement teaches better body awareness, flexibility & strength and a deeper understanding of the physiology of dance
Exploring this holistic approach to dance can create a new understanding of
 Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Flexibility and Strength Training
Spinal Health and Joint Mobility
 Breath and Alignment Awareness
Course Fee: $350 tuition +  studio fee
Adrianna Thompson is one of a select few Specialized Master Teachers, both in GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®exercise, in the world. She has worked extensively with the founder of Gyrotonic exercise, Juliu Horvath, and travels the world leading teacher trainings.  As well as being a Specialized Equipment Master Trainer she developed a new application for dancers in Gyrotonic with Mr. Horvath and Specialized Master Trainer Miriam Barbosa which she frequently conducts internationally.  An accomplished professional dancer and Choreographer in New York City for 15 years, she has worked with dancers from New York City Ballet, Jose Limon, Martha Graham, MOMIX Dance Company and Aspen Santa Fe Ballet just to name a few.