Eden experience
The Art of Living & The Art of Love
Level 1 & Level 2
September 3-12, 2018
Welcome to Eden Experience, an empowering and dynamic retreat, which aims to create life full of passion, self-realization, satisfying and fulfilling relationships and a sense of closeness and connection to both the self and the environment.
This unique spiritual adventure is based on what we call “Eden Consciousness”, which incorporates the wisdom of three deep, ancient sources - Kabbalah, Shamanism & Sacred Tantra - in order to set the ground for making our spirits peaceful yet passionate and spontaneous.
That wisdom is given at Eden Experience througha a variety of tools - from expressive arts such as movement, dance, playback and psychodrama, to spiritual experiences, like tantric and shamanic ceremonies, active meditations and more.
To make it as calm and inspirational as possible, Eden Experience’s locations are carefully picked. This ensures a distraction-free environment, so that you can focus on what’s really important. The retreat has run successfully several times at the Desert Ashram in Israel, and this September, for the very first time, Eden Experience will be held in a stunning, serene resort at the tropical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.
Eden Level 1: The art of living, September 3-7, 2018
Eden Level 2: The art of Love, September 8-12, 2018
Lead facilitators:
Shay Mashiach & Avishag Haya Caspi
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The person who dances to the beat of life, chooses the healthy movement every beat
Level 1- The Art of Living
3 - 7 ,  Sep 2018
koh-Phangan, Thailand
Eden is a very powerful and life changing journey. Its purpose is to provide the required ‘earth’ for a life of freedom, creation, healthy sexuality, connection and unity, which in turn will have a revitalising impact on one’s individual community. your community. The process in the workshop was designed in order to create a deep and meaningful connection between: the human psyches - the social soul - the cosmic soul.
We believe that one’s personal consciousness is influenced by lots of external knowledge and beliefs, that are embedded within us from childhood. Some of it is good, some - bad.  But there is freedom of choice for every person to choose and influence the journey of their lives. By connecting to our “original DNA”, discovering and accepting all our forces, desires and other parts, we can begin freeing ourselves from undesired fears, patterns, and educational & social norms.

Through the retreat we will discuss 5 central aspects of us as human beings:
Masculinity ; Femininity ; Sexuality ; Spirituality ; The great mystery.
Main topics we will investigate:
1. A powerful and creative exploration of male and female human psyche
2. The elements in nature as a mirror to the human soul - "the whole person" Earth, water, fire and air.
3. Initiation rituals for healing and releasing the past and turning it into a growth engine – Rebirth
4. Healing of the inner child.
5. we will learn and experience a number of powerful tools: Shamanism, sexual shamanism, traditional tantra and the wisdom of Kabbalah.
6. Devine - a constant and deep connection to the forces of creation (nature) and the forces of creation within me (man)
7. Presence - we will practice a healthy and active presence
8. From the spiritual laws of EDEN to spiritual soulful development to internal harmony and withdrawal from disabilities
9. Healthy and full sexuality; what is a tantric lifestyle?
How can we mobilize our sexual energy towards development and change?
we will go deeper on that on level 2 include nudity.
10. Conscious sexuality - we will transform from repressed and forbidden sexuality to growth and development through conscious sexuality - one of our powerful energy generators forgotten over the years. We will learn to remember and use it to move our life with power and passion (we will go much deeper on this in Level 2)
11. Initiation ceremony for healthy sexuality creates and sheds shame and guilt
12. A deep connection to the power of intuition and the power of creation within me
13. Uncertainty - Spiritual growth through "mystery" and midpoint
14. The unity of the opposites
15. The Eden Snake - Standing up to delusions
Eden Experience will help you deal with:
  • Relationship - How to bring to my relationship more stability, health and happiness
  • To be whole - what is the center point? How to identify it and act to realize it
  • Patterns - Identification and neutralization of emotional automatic patterns that govern our lives
  • Dilemmas - Making complete and healthy decisions
  • Healthy authentic essence - Freeing ourselves from our internal and external prison, transforming frustrations into significant growth
  • Loneliness and isolation - loneliness and abandonment as a tool for spiritual growth and freedom
Graduates of Eden Level 1 are offered to go deeper with the advanced, consecutive, training program of Eden Level 2.
Read more below.
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Level 2-The Art of Love 
8 - 12 Sep 2018
koh-Phangan, Thailand
The training is directed at our transformation to live according to the calling of our soul and to become the "source" of our lives - an agreement to truly open the heart and to meet the mysteries of life at the height of its power.
Eden Level 2 invites the workshop participants to re-start the 'self', with a deep intention to part from past patterns towards a free, loving, creative mind that only wants to devour life.
Eden Level 2 invites a transpersonal connection with humanity and nature so that our lives become more real, more adventurous, stimulating and healthy.
Eden Level 2 is a direct continuation of the knowledge, experience and consciousness that was acquired in Eden Level 1.
Main topics we will investigate
1. Sexuality
From sexuality to an erotic way of life
Sexuality is the source of creativity and energetic power that exists in every person. A person who feels at peace with his sexuality, and frees the areas of shame and guilt , can enter the deep magic gates of eden.
Sexuality as a spiritual path
Sexuality as a means of spiritual development, to meet with the source and creator within us. We will learn and practice sexuality that opens wide our highest dimensions, releasing inhibitory patterns, connecting to the elements and forces of nature.
Sexuality as a healing energy
We will learn and experience the healing power of our Sexual Energy, healing our mental, emotional and physical body.
In Level 2 you will have the freedom of choice to nudity as part of the process
To become fearless and a master of our destiny
Shamanism is a way to connect with nature and all of creation, In Level 2 we practice the medicine of Death as a unique opportunity to touch the real self.
The art of love and the art of death
It is all about facing the darkness to emerge into the light. When we do this it no longer has power over us. It is when we let go of our old ways of thinking and doing, of our beliefs and patterns, then we can connect to the magic of the mystery of life with a new way of living.
Releasing the fear of death and connecting to the soul which wants to be free from limitations and illusions is a significant step for a person to be at the peak of realizing his destiny and faithful service to his happiness and humanity.
Making love with the shadow in one's conscious, brings man to a deeper connection to the root of his soul, his essence and his ability to be free.
3.Emotional Body

Healing the emotional body and making peace with our inner self is essential in order to go deeper into spiritual and sexual growth. Eden Emotional work is about releasing mental blockages in order to be free from patterns and healing our emotional body.
Among our methods
  • Psychodrama - a powerful healing method that is using Drama and spontaneity for therapy
  • Eden Dynamic Therapy - Body & Soul Dynamic therapy to open and release
  • meditations - designed to free oneself from all thought and identification and on the other hand to fill up on the hidden beauty of humanity and earth
  • Rituals- Eden Rituals integrate Shamanism and Tantra wisdom into a magical space for transformation and healing
Lead Facilitators:
Shay Mashiach
Educational Psychology from Northeastern University, USA, and is a certified psychodrama therapist for groups and individuals.
In addition, Shay has graduated several certification programs in a variety of Temple arts, such as Kabbalah (the Jewish mystical knowledge), Shamanism, Tantra, and holistic relationship therapy.Shay combines in his work both eastern and western knowledge. He holds a MA in Psychology.

Shay has established the successful psychodrama internship program in Tiltan College, Israel, to which he added extensive holistic elements from his other qualifications. He also gives multiple deep training workshops for relationships and “reality creation”, and workshops that combine his knowledge in tantra, shamanism and psychodrama.
Avishag Haya Caspi
Avishag Haya Caspi
One of the founders and leaders of Tantra in Israel.
Avishag conducts workshops and private sessions since the year 2000, for couples, women and singles.
She Teaches for several years the Holistic Sexuality, yearly course at Tiltan/Bar-Ilan College in Tel-Aviv.
As an expert in her field, Avishag often appears on Israeli TV, Radio and Newspapers. She also participated in several Sexology congresses around the world with the late Oren Gani. She holds a Psychology B.A., Dance & Movement certifications, and graduated Margo Anand's Sky Dancing Tantra School, U.S.A.
About the venue
What is striking when arriving at SERENITY is the beauty of the place:
the flowers of multiple colors covering SERENITY up to the roofs of the houses which are themselves covered with multicolored flowers, the view due west on the sea allows to admire magnificent sunsets from your private terrace and all the places of serenity and what also strikes is the quietness of the place, vibrations, beneficial waves emanate from the place.
SERENITY is a quite particular place, sensations of well being Invade your arrival, Serenity was built in style Mediterranean on hillside in 1997 to 2000 by a franco thai Yuphin and Yann family.
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