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? Are you unhappy and dissatisfied in your intimate relationship
Many women cope with indescribable hardship, communication lapses and severe emotional deprivation in their romantic relationships, without even suspecting that their intimate partner might be on the autism spectrum. 

Others realize this was the issue all along only after years of living with self-doubt, confusion, and the feeling of having lost their sanity.
I'm Dr. Pnina Arad and I am a professional consultant and coach who is committed to empowering and assissting women and couples in neurodiverse relationships worldwide.
:Emotional Questionnaire
?Do you often feel angry, frustrated or hopeless in your relationship -

?Are you confused or feel as if you are losing your sanity -

?Are you extremely lonely in your relationship -

?Does your intimate partner drive you crazy with his obsessive behavior -

?Are you disbelieved by others when you disclose the extreme reality of your marriage -

?Are you accused of causing all the hardship in your relationship -

?Are you suffering from verbal, financial or sexual abuse -

- Are you experiencing lack of support and reciprocity in your relationship?

?Do you feel stress is affecting your physical and mental health -

?Do you feel you are losing yourself and your self-esteem in the relationship -
If you provided positive answers to most of the questions in the questionnaire and need more information, guidance and support
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Dr. pnina arad - LeadUP
My name is Pnina Arad and I'm a couple counselor, group facilitator and women’s empowerment life coach who specializes in neurodiverse relationships. 

I am the author of the book: "When Your Man Is on the Spectrum
To Know, Understand & Transform Your Relationship https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08HXX8KRH

I hold a Psy. D. degree from the Professional School of Psychology in Sacramento, California. My doctoral research was the first empirical study exploring the physical and mental well-being of women in neurodiverse relationships.

I developed my own unique model of empowerment, combining knowledge, techniques and expertise from diverse domains such as: ACT, NLP, mindfulness, psychology, coaching, holistic therapy and mediation.

I have helped hundreds of women and couples to surmount their challenges and change their lives. I am committed to creating awareness, sharing knowledge and assisting women and couples to successfully navigate the complexities of neurodiversity in their relationships.

I have been married for 30 years and I am the mother of two boys who are 27 and 19 years old. I live in Israel with my family. I have a private clinic in Israel and I also work online with people around the world. 
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