Are you unhappy and dissatisfied in your intimate relationship ?
Many women in mixed-neurological relationships experience loneliness, frustration and lack of support and reciprocity in their intimate relationships.
I'm Dr. Pnina Arad and I am a professional consultant and coach who is committed to empowering and supporting women in mixed-neurological relationships worldwide.
Emotional Questionnaire
  • Are you angry, frustrated or helpless in your relationship ?
  • Are you confused? Do you feel you are losing your sanity ?
  • Do you feel extremely lonely in your relationship ?
  • Does your intimate partner drive you crazy with his obsessive behavior ?
  • Are you disbelieved by others when you disclose the extreme reality of your marriage ?
  • Are you accused of causing all the hardship in your relationship ?
  • Are you suffering from psychological abuse ?
  • Are you suffering from severe emotional deprivation and lack of support ?
  • Do you feel stress is affecting your physical and mental health ?
  • Do you feel you are losing yourself and your self-esteem in the relationship ?
If you provided positive answers to most of the questions in the questionnaire and need more information, guidance and support
I invite you to complete this form and I will be in touch shortly to schedule a skype meeting with you. During this meeting, we will explore the difficulties you are confronting, we will focus on your needs and aspirations and you will receive guidance that will help you advance from where you are to where you want to go.
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Learn more about me
My name is Pnina Arad and I'm an autism and marriage consultant and a professional women’s empowerment life coach who specializes in supporting women in mixed-neurological relationships. I have a lifelong personal experience with autism in marriage and in close family relationships.

I have completed an original research and doctoral dissertation about the physical and mental wellbeing of women in mixed neurological relationships in comparison to women in normative relationships and I have a Psy. D. degree from the Professional School of Psychology in Sacramento, California. My own personal journey triggered my interest in this unique topic of research and I feels that it is my life mission to forward education about mixed-neurological relationships and to assist women in navigating the difficulties brought on by these complex relationships.

I developed my own unique model of empowering women, combining my knowledge, techniques and expertise from diverse domains such as: NLP, mindfulness, psychology, holistic therapy and mediation. This model is based on my professional as well as personal experience in creating change and promoting growth.
I have been married for 25 years and I have two amazing sons who are 22 and 14 years old.
Dr. Pnina Arad - LeadUP