"The One Method"
by Osie Steinberg
about Osie Steinberg
Osie Steinberg

Licensed physiotherapist MA
40 years experience in Israel and europe & USA
Manual physiotherapy
IMT- integrative manual therapy
Manual osteopathy
Spiritual healing and rehabilitation
Channeling of arc angels
Treatment specialties:
All chronic pains
Musculoskeletal dysfunctions
Neurological dysfunctions
Internal organs and vessels dysfunctions
Allergies, skin disorders
Developmental delays
Energy and spiritual base dysfunctions
Integrates conventional and alternative medicine
Broad experience and knowledge
Provides private treatments and tele-healing
Offers courses, seminars, lectures, consultations
Israel, Europe, U.S.A.
14/b Habanim st, Hod-Hasharon
[email protected]
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The One Method - by Osie Steinberg
for complete Spiritual medicine Rehabilitation & evolution
We offer a special program, based on
cutting-edge knowledge, the newest knowledge of this era
,about spiritual medicine
.personal evolution and growth
As humanity and our own lives evolve, change and
transform during these trying times, we all need help, support
.comfort and healing
The One Method, for spiritual medicine
is based on sound scientific knowledge, combined with the highest of the spiritual
energies. The method is an easy, fast, powerful and highly accurate practical
.tool for self growth, evolution healing and transformation
The One Method is an energy treatment method
.that treats all physical and spiritual systems, as one functional unit
It is based on a comprehensive body of knowledge, pertaining to all human's existing  energy systems and  soul systems.
It offers an explanation for the functional connection
and influences of the spirit on the individual's physical body, mind, emotions
.social behaviors and manifestations
.Treatment is based on the principle of wholeness
It brings the human energy system to its original state of health. The treatment
includes energetic transformations in all the spiritual systems, inside and outside
the body. All treatments are energetic, powerful and accurate with immediate
effective results.
The One Method Treatment greatly shortens the
natural healing processes and is easy to learn and use. It can be integrated and
used in every aspect of life. This form of therapy goes hand in hand, with
conventional medicine, physical therapy, speech pathology, psychology, body
work therapies, education and all coaching methods.
For further information
view portions of The One Method course in Belgium
Courses of the one method Healing the spirit

Course contents - level 3, The Soul

The anatomy and functions of all the soul levels with correlation of the univers 
The ego and body of pain
 Creator 15 codes for higher forces encoding to the hands
All 12 primary lessons of humanity
The Akashic records and books, contents and final deletion
The 12 Soul wounds, causes, effects and healing 
12 Spiritual DNA halixes, structure function damages & healing

Course contents - level 2 The Spirit

 The worlds of higher order correlated to the spirit and soul
New high spiritual protections
High spiritual space clearing and wars
the function of the spirit bodies
spirit bodies injuries and healing
the  circle of life death and rebirth
all past lives damages and their treatments
Receiving a high communication crown from the creator
Channeling own divine soul's crown
Receiving angelic guides group
Activation of the creators crown beam
Abundance, codes, block removals and meditations

Course contents - level 1 The Aura

Basic concepts about energy
The order of the universe with the correlation of the spiritual system
The human energy systems
Anatomy of seven energy bodies, seven energy fields, the vortex, energy spinal cord, 
chakras, etheric tissues
Direct connection to the creator
Encoding all forces to the hands
High Energy protections
-     Clearing and redemption
High spiritual purification
High spiritual cleaning drainage and recharging
Creator’s healing tools
    -    All the damages and injuries of the energy bodies and fields, the specific healing
Truth detector & practice
Living space clearing 

Course contents – level 5, Healing the Human Angel

Creation of Angels, names of Angels & list of Archangels

The divine and universal functions of Angels & the earthly roles of Angels
The Creation of Human Angels
Roles of Human Angels & earthly Roles of Angelic Souls
Qualities of Human Angels, basic consciousness of human angels
Conflicts between the Angelic Missions/Roles and the Human Lessons
General Angels Injury Patten, through the evolution of humanity
General human angel diagnosis & healing model
Healing the Human Angel Child
Balancing the consciousness of the angelic and human soul, for life in the New Era
Channelings & Communications with your angelic higher self

ourse contents - level 4 The Divine Soul

The evolution of creations,
Souls 12 pre-incarnation eras' history

The souls' progressive 12 pre-incarnation lessons
 New protections and codes for the higher dimensions of the divine soul.
Transformative healing of the souls' original lessons
Clearing of the "Akashic Records" and "Heavenly courts" for removal of all karma &
.verdicts &
Return the 12 major lost keys of the soul
 .Opening heavens abundance gates restrictions, for the soul in all life arenas
The laws of the new age
 Adaption to the new age laws vibrations, in all spiritual system and body.

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Dear Osie

Meeting Osie Steinberg and "The One Method" she developped, was life changing to me.
It positively impacted, not only my personal life, but also expanded my vision of the world, and made me discover the extraordinary journey of the soul since it's creation.The effects of the healing are extremely powerful and long-lasting, because it goes back to the origin of the problem, way further and faster than the classical therapies.
My personal life changed from an accumulation of catastrophies to a multiplication of miracles
.I am very grateful