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About Micki

I've been working as a marriage and family therapist for over 17 years. My entire approach has developed from a greater understanding of attachment theory and prevention focus. My belief is that by strengthening the couple foundation, gain an awareness and understanding about your triggers, the more whole and connected you will feel to your partner. This will enable a better steady and constant flow between you which will have a healthy spillover effect to everyone around you.

About Hold Me Tight Workshop

Affirm strengths in your relationship
Address negative interaction patterns
Understand more clearly each other’s emotions
Recognize underlying reasons for your conflicts
Learn how to repair and forgive
Enhance your emotional and physical closeness
Improve your communication
Be more accessible, responsive and emotionally engaged with each other (A.R.E.)

Workshop logistics

This workshop is a 4 week workshop taking place Wednesday evening, starting the 25th of October 7:30PM-10:30PM.
Additional dates include, 1st November, 8th November and 15th November
Introductory Price: 450NIS per couple
Location: Beit Hoffman, Rechov Eliezer Hagadol 4, Next to Beit Sefer Reut