The 12 original lessons of humanity on Earth
Seminar of the 12 Original Lessons of Humanity on Earth
You are invited to understand what is your life lesson
How does you lesson rule your life, and why do you repete same errors so many times
Seminar Contents
  The circle of life, from death to a new life
  What are  "Life Lessons"
  Choosing  "Life Lessons"
  Choosing the best dynasty to fit your lesson in this life
  The 12 primary "Life Lessons" explained
  Find what your "Life Lesson" is
  How does the  "Life Lesson" rules every aspect of your life
  How does the  "Life Lesson" cause repetitive    
  choices and life events        
  How can you transform the foundation of the "Life Lesson"
  How can you heal the traumas of your "Life Lesson"
  Reconnect to the higher soul
  New choice for life  
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  Understand  "The Circle of Life" order  
Find how you have chosen your life lessons
 Understand how & why life is so challenging
 Recognize your own "Life Lesson's" topics
Identify your life's biggest  Blind Spot
 Relese of life's blocks patterns
 Complete your lesson now   
 Creat new foundation for new life qualities
Osie Steinberg
Licensed physiotherapist MA
40 years experience in Israel and europe & USA
Manual physiotherapy
IMT- integrative manual therapy
Manual osteopathy
Spiritual healing and rehabilitation
Channeling of arc angels
Treatment specialties:
All chronic pains
Musculoskeletal dysfunctions
Neurological dysfunctions
Internal organs and vessels dysfunctions
Allergies, skin disorders
Developmental delays
Energy and spiritual base dysfunctions
Integrates conventional and alternative medicine
Broad experience and knowledge
Provides private treatments and tele-healing
Offers courses, seminars, lectures, consultations
Israel, Europe, U.S.A.
14/b Habanim st, Hod-Hasharon
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