Five Gifts for Life- spiritual development & care
5 Gifts For Life
  A unique seminar,very practical & extreamly effective,
  provides intensly powerful healing tools for immidiate use,
  by having the  creator's forces in your hands.
 The 5 Gifts For Life seminar,
  Is suitable for every one for high spiritual protection,
divine healing  
  personal energetic growth & maintenance in daily life.
  Enhances manifestations & abundance.
  Privides "truth detector" methods
  for better choices in aspects of life practices.
  Great for those who are in challenging  life proceses,
  Eases on advencements & improvements in all  life's situations.
  You are invited to experience & recieve
  powerful, effective and easy to use,
  Creator's light energy tools, in your  hands.
  A special creator's force, in each finger of your hand.

Osie Steinberg

Licensed physiotherapist MA
40 years experience in Israel and europe & USA
Manual physiotherapy
IMT- integrative manual therapy
Manual osteopathy
Spiritual healing and rehabilitation
Channeling of arc angels
Treatment specialties:
All chronic pains
Musculoskeletal dysfunctions
Neurological dysfunctions
Internal organs and vessels dysfunctions
Allergies, skin disorders
Developmental delays
Energy and spiritual base dysfunctions
Integrates conventional and alternative medicine
Broad experience and knowledge
Provides private treatments and tele-healing
Offers courses, seminars, lectures, consultations
Israel, Europe, U.S.A.
14/b Habanim st, Hod-Hasharon
[email protected]
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