Heat Dance Convention is so excited to present the FIRST EVER 
Virtual Conference for Dance Educators
 !and it’s FREE

We all care about our students so much and providing for their current and future needs. But, with so much uncertainty in this ever changing world, we must prepare both ourselves and our students for our new normal.  

Have you wondered what our studio post-pandemic new normal will look like?

What fears and concerns are our students experiencing right now? 

And, what best practices can we implement right now - while teaching remotely or amidst a new standard of social distancing - to promote the health and well-being of our students?  

HEAT DANCE CONVENTION is providing the best tools and advice from 3 top professionals focusing on dance career and continuing education, health and injury prevention, and maintaining a positive emotional and mental mindset while trying to go back to the normal.  Culminating our event will be a Master Class from none other than the Emmy Nominated Choreographer, Helene Philips.
HEAT’s Dance Educator Forum is sure to give you great tools to share with your students and studio families and refresh your spirit with both peace of mind and excitement for our future!  This crisis might have changed a  lot of things in our world, but it truly has and will bring the dance
 !community closer and stronger than ever
Take a look at our incredible lineup and virtual event details below:
Continuing Education and A Dance Career    with Angelica Stiskin
Artistic Director of the Joffrey Ballet School Jazz and Contemporary Training program. Ms. Stiskin will provide insight for dance education options for the future - where your students can learn the path for a successful career and give vital tips for the audition process.

Mental Adjustment to the New Normal with Sports Psychologist Dr. Brian Goonan 
Dr. Goonan will update us on The recent unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, introduced profound changes into the world of dance.  As studios conduct virtual classes and then begin to re-open, the manner in which dance classes are held will be altered for at least some time.  Based on the questions asked by directors and teachers, Dr. Goonan will be discussing how to best help students re-integrate into the “new normal”.

Preventing Common Training Injuries with Dr. Megan Meier a.k.a The Dance Doctor 
Dr. Meier will focus on virtual dance classes, specifically how to keep your dancers safe and optimize technique while teaching remotely.  By changing the focus of virtual training, we can keep our dancers safe now and make them stronger and safer dancers in the future when we return to the studios.  

Jazz Master Class with Helene Phillips - Emmy Nominated Director and Choreographer 
Ms. Philips tops our event with an amazing and energetic JAZZ Master Class. This iconic choreographer has worked with the biggest names in the industry and trained some of the most successful working dancers in the dance world.

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