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About Alei Siach
Founder Rav Chaim Perkal with his daughter Rivky
Based in Jerusalem, Alei Siach is one of the largest organizations in Israel providing all-inclusive solutions for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities and their families. Our mission is to empower people with disabilities to attain their maximum independence. We provide marital assistance, residential care, vocational training, employment opportunities, social activities and integration within the broader community.

Alei Siach is committed to providing a true home for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities because the organization was born of personal need. Almost 30 years ago, Rabbi Chaim Perkal, encouraged by his wife Rachel, founded Alei Siach following the birth of their daughter Rivky. Rivky was born with a severe Autism Disorder and at that time, few frameworks were available for observant children and adults with special needs.

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