SOS Coronavirus Student Assistance Fund
The university dream of the class of COVID-19 is at risk of being destroyed.  Israel and the world cannot afford to lose a generation of great minds, talented students and future leaders across every field. Thousands of students have already approached us for financial support. We simply do not have the capacity to meet these skyrocketing needs.
“I’m finding myself in very uncertain times, where jobs are just not coming... I feel that the ground is shaky beneath me, and I’m very scared about the future. How am I going to support myself financially?”  
(Mai, 3rd year Politics & Government student)
This frightening health and financial crisis is compounded by the fact that Israelis begin college after their army service. The majority of students are financially independent, some with young families. They must work to pay for university and support themselves. Some are now unable to pay for their basic needs.
Save the class of Covid-19
BGU has launched the SOS Coronavirus Student Assistance Fund.  With your critical help, we can respond to every student in desperate need and make a meaningful difference in their lives. All funds raised will directly benefit our undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. 
Every donation counts
BGU is a nation building university. 
Help us act today to ensure a better future tomorrow. 
For our students. For the Negev. For Israel. For the world.
Listen to our students' stories: