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CCA is not an ordinary summer camp, it's a once in a lifetime experience. Meet Europe up close.
A teen camp carefully filled with quailty tours and experiences and infused with true chassidishe inspiration by highly sought after speakers and hand-picked staff.
Meet CCA Teen Camp in the Alps
At CCA, we offer an authentic chassidishe teen camp experience that blends fun and adventure with shlichus and meaning. 

Situated in central Europe, we will have the unique opportunity to travel and explore some of Europe’s most iconic cities, see their histories and enjoy their attractions. Most importantly, we will be able to farbreng with veteran Shluchim and Shluchos, hear their inspiring stories and experiences, and see their shlichus up close. 

Whether you are seeking adventure, travel, nature, an inspiring chassidishe environment, or simply a relaxing summer, CCA has something for everyone. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to enjoy a summer of inspiration, fun, friendship and memories to last a lifetime. 
CCA Campus
Our campgrounds are set at the foothills of the Austrian Alps and feature a fully restored and renovated historic castle. The castle boasts spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms and showers, while the campgrounds offer a wide range of outdoor experiences including hiking, boating, biking, swimming and even rope coursing. Our team includes an on-site private chef, dedicated counselors and staff.
Camp CCA is under the auspices of:
Rabbi Yaakov Biderman, head Shliach to Austria 
and is directed by Mrs. Nechama Wolosow LSW, Shlucha in Vienna
Summer Session will take place July 02 - 22.
Limited spots available.