As part of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center's programming for Yom Hashoah, there will be an online screening of this multi-award-winning documentary by Israeli author, poet and filmmaker Michael Kagan.

(A trailer can be viewed here:

Kagan’s compelling film sends him to Poland and Belarus in pursuit of a lost diary from 1942. As he explores the old diary’s “sweeping views of the descent to hell” encountered by Benjamin Berkovich and those around him in the Holocaust, Kagan is confronted with Berkovich’s final message calling for revenge without mercy and a curse on humankind:

“Do not compile lamentations about our destruction, only a book of curses—one huge and firm curse to all humanity and culture. Signed, Berkovich Binyamin.”

Tracing Berkovich’s story, Kagan also traces parts of his own family history, as his relatives came from the same town Navarodok (Novogrudok) and were incarcerated in the same ghetto as the diarist. His father, Jack Kagan, managed to escape and join the Bielski partisans, made famous by the Hollywood movie Defiance.

Based in Jerusalem, Israel, Michael Kagan is the author of God’s Prayer: A Sacred Challenge to Humanity (2014), The King’s Messenger: A Parable about Judaism (2013), and The Holistic Haggadah: How Will You Be Different This Passover Night? (2005). Kagan is a prolific creator of poetry, screenplays, theatre plays and short stories, as well as co-producer of the 2015 documentary Tunnel of Hope, which memorializes the escape from a Nazi work camp by 250 Jews in 1943 through a 200-meter tunnel.

Join us for this fascinating exploration of one man's vengeful response to the murder of his people.

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