Venatata is proud to present - The Forest City Saloon - hosting stephen ritz - the man that greened the bronx together with his students - a true leader of the forest-city movement!
Thursday the 3.2.22 at 20:30 jerusalem time - Zoom conference
Participation is free of charge - we will be meeting for two hours - the meeting will be recorded and sent to registered participants via email
How did a green revolution change one of the toughest neighbourhoods in New York?
How do students feed a community?
How can urban farming save lives?
Small people - Big change
What does nutrition have to do with school achievements?
Stephen Ritz sparked a global educational movement from his classroom in the Bronx. He was chosen as one of ten global educators by changing the life of thousands of children - filling their life with green love. His unique model of edible classrooms has spread to over 5000 schools globally and inspired millions.
Stephen sees the Forest City Movement as a big partner and we are honored to host him in our next saloon.

In our talk with Stephen we will discover how to create scalable change with deep and local actions.

  • What does urban farming have to do with social justice?
  • How does nutrition affect motivation and mindset?
  • What is a food desert? and how can edible landscapes change poverty stricken neighborhoods?
  • How do we foster the next generation of eco enterpreneurs through deep change in educational systems?
Stephen Ritz has been teaching students in the Bronx for the last 30 years. Together with his students he was able to change one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the country and grow it into a worldwide inspiration for urban ecosystems and community power. His TED talk has been an ispiration for millions around the globe and edible classrooms continue to sprout every day just like in the Bronx.
Aviv Beilis Lerner - The host of the Forest City Saloon, One of the founders of Venatata NGO, and Ecotopia israel. Educator, eco enterpreneur, and researcher in the field of urban ecology. 

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