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this is one of those groundbreaking opportunites nobody beliefs it in the early stage and later they all regret not have taken the chance as early bird.

I invite you!
Become an Early Founding Member of this fantastic business modell! 1 DSM Token (Voucher worth of 50k USD) at Free Sign Up.

With common success in mind

Dirk Herfurth
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You too can become an early founding member of this brilliant business model!
It is based on the idea of TWNKLSHOP (an early YEM Economy project) and has now been initiated by the then inventor on his own initiative.

The basic idea of DSM broken down in a few words:
Members recommend products and form purchasing groups that offer enormous discounts. Old hat, you say? But what if you, as a recommender of a product, receive commissions of up to USD 100,000 each time!

In addition, the high discount is generated by the increase in the value of the token used. Blockchain technology and smart contracts make it possible today. The good news: Nobody has to know about it. You won't even notice it when you're shopping.

The whole thing is combined with AI-based shopping software, as well as a 10-stage affiliate plan.

Why I trust the success of this project:
The initiator Shafi Abeid (Tanzania) is a qualified economist and has known me very well as a founding member (UFM) of Unicorn Network (Safezone, PernumPass, YEM) since 2012. He was always an adequate conversation partner, thanks to his analytical expertise and his factual manner critical style of argument stood out from the crowd. About a year ago, Mr. Abeid offered me a leadership role in his newly founded company, but I didn't take it up because I was working on my own project to promote YEM and didn't want to distract myself. Nevertheless, the project remained on my memory list and now that my work is complete, I accepted another invitation to sponsor the project.

Since I was already enthusiastic about the basic idea, it didn't take much thought. The will to push through from the idea to this point alone is impressive and for me a guarantee that Shafi is very serious about his business strategy. In the meantime, together with blockchain expert Steven Hodgkiss, he has created a usable framework with which to work as a supporting member. This includes not only explanatory texts in many languages, but also an extensive affiliate hub and a community platform.

I am now looking forward to the development and cordially invite you to register using my link.

Digital Shopping Mall will revolutionize shopping in a very innovative way.
Registration is free and can be completed in 2 minutes.
You will immediately receive your invitation link and can invite other people (optional).

By the way... an early founding member, you have the opportunity to share in 10% of the company's monthly revenue and  hold a stake in 20% of the company's subsidiary companies established globally. Additionally, upon joining, you receive 1 Digital Shopping Point (DSP) valued at $50,000, and for each person invited in your referral network, you earn another 1 DSP up to 10 levels deep.

Taken from the DSM Social Hub